Try Our Limited-Edition Collabs with Rubirosa and Baz Bagel

Pizza bagels and bagel pizzas.

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Big news around these parts: NYC neighborhood gems Rubirosa and Baz are now available for delivery exclusively on Caviar! So you know where to go whenever you’re craving Baz’s fully loaded bagel sandwiches or Rubirosa’s pizza and meatballs (gluten-free or -full). 

To celebrate, we’ve launched two limited-edition collabs, available through the end of summer. 

Cav Blog - Baz Pizza Bagel

Only via Baz delivery: Rubirosa Tie-Dye Pizza Bagel ($14)

Has it been too long since you’ve had a pizza bagel? Us, too! This hand-rolled bagel is covered in vodka sauce and melted cheese and drizzled with pesto, elevating the humble snack into art. 

Cav Blog - Bagel Pizza

Only via Rubirosa delivery: Smoked Salmon Pizza a la Baz ($25)
This white thin-crust pizza has all the fixin’s of a Baz Bagel & Lox — everything seasoning and nova salmon hand-sliced by the good folks over at Baz.

Order them now through Tuesday, 8/30, and use code PIZZABAGEL at checkout to get $5 off!



Caviar Staff

Caviar Staff

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